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About this site

The aim in CCI is to help you raise self-confidence, self-esteem and your ability to grasp life fully, helping you live autonomously, creatively and in touch with your emotions. CCI challenges the view that some feelings are taboo and that you should not have them. It can help you come to terms with your past and your present, so that difficult feelings have less of a grip on you.

CCI co-counseling is:
Self-directed - you decide!
36 years old
Free (once you're done the course)


A personal note from the author of this website:

When I first joined CCI it had a big impact on how I viewed myself, and how I held back from relating authentically with the world. What I got most when I joined this network was a sense of freedom to be myself - I felt I had permission to explore inside myself without being disapproved of if I found something unpleasant. I eventually learned to give expression to the joy inside me, as well as explore the more difficult and sometimes hidden sides: anger, shame, grief. I learned that it’s OK to cry, to sing, to dance, to yawn, to celebrate, to be quiet, to NOT know.

Richard Mills







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