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About this site

Here's why you have to do the basic course to have full access to the network...
When co-counsellors meet for groups or one-to-one sessions they share the same knowledge of method, techniques and tools, all learned on the course. They may each have their own way of working, but they know what to expect and what not to expect from the other people. This is vital for safety, because we are dealing with our vulnerabilities and want to feel safe with and trusting of our colleagues.






Once you have done the basic course, you are a member of CCI and can call yourself a co-counsellor. You then have access to the full international network of residential and non-residential events and groups in CCI, and you may meet up with other co-counsellors whenever you like and have sessions in pairs or small groups.

About the basic training course
This course gives you all the skills to use co-counselling however you choose. It is often called ‘The Fundamentals of Co-Counselling’. The 5-days form an integrated and therapeutic experience in its own right: even if you decide not to do any co-counselling after the course, the course will give you a space to experience and confront yourself within a therapeutic and supportive group setting. It is professionally taught by experienced and often highly qualified co-counselling trainers. Co-counselling draws from Gestalt, process oriented psychology (POP), psychodynamic, psychodrama and humanistic approaches.

The course has traditionally been called 'The Fundamentals of Co-Counselling', and can be referred to as Co-Counselling Basic Skills Course', or 'Co-Counselling Foundation Course' or 'Basic Training Course'.

Free Taster Sessions and Basic Training Courses in the UK, 2010 - 2011

The table below gives courses that are currently advertised. Successful completion of any of these courses leads to membership of Co-Counselling International.

Source: CoCoInfo.

Over the past year or two the most active teachers or organisers of courses in the UK have been:

01305 267758   

Richard Mills
0113 219 5526    

Paul Shevlin
14 Cotteswold Road, Tewkesbury GL20 5DL
(01684) 292637

Celia Wilson

JanPieter Hoogma
TFF, Ecton Lodge, 32-A Inverleith Place, Edinburgh EH3 5QB
(0131) 551 6146

Steve Roche and Sue Gray
8 Beaconsfield Road, Woodbridge IP12 1EQ
(01394) 610028
mobile: 07727 658947

John Talbut
John Talbut
The Laurels
Berry Hill Lane
Coalville LE67 2FB

Rose Evison and Richard Horobin

Outside the UK

See for information regarding CCI outside the UK








Some Co-Counselling workshops in the UK(not all are listed here)

These workshops are only accessible for people who have successfully completed a Basic Training Course in co-counselling.

Source: CoCoInfo.

Some of the Co-Counselling Residential Workshops outside the UK (not all are listed here)

These workshops are only accessible for people who have successfully completed a Basic Training Course in co-counselling..

Source: CoCoInfo.