an international peer-to-peer network of pairs,
groups and events, using co-counselling to help you
learn to
build confidence,
live creatively, and
handle emotions

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About this site

To get into co-counselling you have to do a course first, to learn about it. Check out the websites below to find a course nearest to your local area.







    UK - Leeds Richard Mills' site about co-counselling and his co-counselling courses in Leeds

This is the site for CCI in the UK    
    UK - West and North Yorkshire
CCI in West and North Yorkshire    
    UK UK courses Click here to do a course in co-counselling in the UK    
    UK - London
Tonya Stewart's site for CCI in London and the South
    UK - Scotland This is the site for CCI in Scotland

    UK - Scotland CornuCopia Co-Counselling JanPieter Hoogma's site about his approach to co-counselling and his courses in Scotland

    UK An annual July/August residential, for any CCI co-counsellor, at Laurieston Hall, in the Scottish Lowlands, near Dumfries

    UK An annual May residential, for any CCI co-counsellor, at Wiston near Biggar, in the Scottish Lowlands, 30 miles south of Edinburgh


UK East

Ipswich-based Steve Roche's personal development site: click on 'coaching services', then on 'handling emotions'.


Co-Counseln Hamburg Germany

    Netherlands CCI in Holland    

CCI in Ireland    
    New Zealand

The New Zealand site    
    USA The USA site

    Israel The Israeli site    

The Hungary site
    Worldwide James Kilty's co-counselling's page      

A co-counselling news website    

A CCI site for co-counselling worldwide